Garlic Overload

This Monday we decided to get together and make a nice home made dinner. What we came up with all had one thing in common- GARLIC! Lots and lots of garlic. We made a white sauce shrimp pasta, cesar salad and garlic bread bruschetta.

We first started our cooking night with cracking open a bottle of red wine. We also put the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on (a not-so-guilty pleasure for Carson and I) and started prepping.


My brother was in charge of the garlic bread. It required lots and lots of garlic, butter and parmesan cheese. You really can’t mess it up with that combo.


I was in charge of the bruschetta. I did a simple recipe of tomato’s, red onion, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper.


Carson cooked up the shrimp in a bit of butter and garlic. He then added the white pasta sauce and simmered some more.


Once the noodles were added as well as some parmesan cheese, the pasta was done!


Our cesar salad was romaine lettuce with the mighty cesar salad dressing by Renee. It was gloriously garlicky.


Our simple dinner was done and set on the table!


My plate of food. It was beyond delicious!!


We then went into a food coma, stuffed with garlic and cheese, as we watched a movie together.

Until next time !

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