Oregon Roadtrip

Since May has a long weekend, we decided we would make the most of it and go on a road trip to Oregon. It has been on my bucket list for ages to see the Oregon coast and quirky Portland, so we decided that this would be the perfect weekend to go!


The drive had lots to look at scenery wise, and we even stopped to see a shipwreck that was off the highway in Washington! It was a pretty cool and unexpected little spot.


One of our first major stop was in Astoria, Oregon. There was a massive bridge that went from the edge of Washington right into Oregon. A fun fact about this town is that this is where the climatic scene in Free Willy, when Willy jumps over Jesse and into the ocean, was shot. Many other scenes from that movie was shot in the town as well as scenes from the movie The Goonies.

What we loved was all the seals on the piers. They were incredibly noisy and completely hilarious to watch. We just stopped and watched them for a while.


Our next stop was at the famous Cannon beach. The town fit the perfect mold of a little seaside town. Most of the building were all shingles and had lots of nautical decor.



The beach there was breathtaking and did not disappoint, despite all the hype we heard about it. We decided to walk the whole beach, almost from end to end. Closer to end, was the famous haystack rock. It’s a pretty neat highlight to the beach and it certainly did attract a lot of tourists and photographers- us included, haha!

There were signs that informed the public that puffins can be seen on this beach, however we unfortunately did not see any.


I was happy that I brought my rain boots with me! I could happily walk in the waves with no worry about getting wet. I also decide to match the coast vibe with an anchor dress.



After our beach walk, we went back into the little town and searched for some wood for our campfire that evening. The weather was perfect and I adored walking past all the cute little stores and houses.


Then we were back on the road! Our next stop was a few hours away, to our campsite in Cape Lookout. The highway was one of the most scenic drives I have been on and we loved every minute of it.


When we finally arrived to our camp site, it was near the end of the evening so we weren’t able to explore the area, but the next morning we made sure it was the first thing we did!

The beach that we camped on felt like the true Oregon coast, with the dreary weather and the fog mingled in the dense forest.


There were many little tide pools on the beach where we searched for little sea creatures. Our favorite was this tiny crab.


Then while we were on the beach, it decided to pour rain! We got completely soaked! It was a funny moment running from the rain.

After changing into drive clothes and trying to get warm again, we started to make the drive to Portland! It was a 2 hour drive there and this highway was again scenic and winding. There was even a few beaches to stop and look at on the way.


When we arrived in Portland our first stop was Powell’s books. It has been on my bucket list to go to this bookstore for years. Pretty much ever since I first heard about it. It’s the largest independent new and used book store in the world. As an avid reader all my life, this is the ultimate place bookstore!


I also knew I needed to get coffee from Stumptown Coffee. It’s one of the most popular cafes in Portland. I can honestly say that it is the best latte I have ever had. The decor and customers there was everything I imagined Portland to be- quirky and hispter with a cool downtown vibe.


Mmm, perfection.


Since Carson does not drink coffee, he stopped at a pizza joint across the way and got this huge slice! Impressively it was under $3!


We then drove to a pub that got good reviews called Hopworks Urban Brewery, or better known as the HUB. What definitely caught out attention was the fifteen 3 oz flights for only $12! What a steal.We also got some garlic waffle fries that were delicious!


After our bite to eat, we traveled an hour east to Multnomah falls. It is the most picture perfect waterfall I have ever seen. It was pretty crowded with tourists everywhere, however even that did not detract from how beautiful it is.


We then started heading back to our camp site. On the way back, we stopped in Tillamook and stopped at the Tillamook Dairy factory. You were able to do a self-guiding tour of the factory and watch how their dairy products are made. There is also a food section where you can try their products like ice cream, fudge, and cheese. We decided to try their ice cream. We picked their campfire smores flavor and cookie dough.


Once we were back at our camp site, we started a fire and cooked our dinner over it- classic hot dogs!


We also made the best smores in the world. Made with chocolate chip cookies and caramel sea salt chocolate. The gooey caramel with the roasted marshmallow was delicious!


We also decided to sleep in our car. With all the seats down and an air mattress stuffed in, it was actually surprising comfortable. I was a little skeptical it would work at all since we have a small FIAT but it was super warm and cozy!


The next morning it was time for our drive back home to BC. We checked out the beach one last time and then once equipped with proper road trip snacks hit the road!


After around six hours of driving plus some time waiting at the border we were home! Even though we had a trip of a life time, it is still nice to sleep in your own bed.

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