Whistler Trip

Last weekend we went to Whistler with a group of our friends. Whistler is one of my favorite places to visit! I love the breathtaking scenery and the vibe of the people in Whistler. It has a laid back atmosphere especially since the majority of people there are tourists there to ski or snowboard. While I don’t do either, I still certainly appreciate the place.

The drive alone is a highlight. The Sea to Sky highway is windy and overlooks the mountains, water and forest. From our place in New Westminster it takes almost two hours to get there. So it makes for a perfect little road trip! There are also gorgeous stops you can make like the one we did at Shannon Falls.


It is right off the highway and is the perfect spot for a picnic or a quick little hike to the waterfalls.


When we arrived in Whistler they had an event on, quite a few companies had booths giving out free stuff like hats, sunglasses, food and drinks. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Plus it’s always fun to walk around the village.


There was also a free outdoor concert of a band called ‘Monster Truck’ that was playing. They put on a good show and since the weather was so amazing on Saturday it felt like a summer concert in the middle of July. We then decided we should get some drinks and take in the beautiful day on a patio outside.


(Doesn’t he look handsome?)

Then we went for food at a restaurant called the El Furniture Warehouse where all food is $5.00. Best described as a casual food spot with a relaxed and quirky vibe offering eats like burgers, tacos and wings. There is usually a fair sized wait, but it well worth it.

Then we had the drive back. While we couldn’t see much scenery since it was so dark out, the stars were everywhere which was almost equally as nice.

While this wasn’t our first time in Whistler, it had much more to offer than usual in the way of attractions, free concerts, and best of all, two for one pizza coupons up for grabs. Because who doesn’t like that?

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