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Since it was a gorgeous day out, Cars and I decided to go to our local garden center. I had it in mind to finally create a few indoor succulent planters. I adore succulents and thought some would look perfect in our apartment!

20160424_14362320160424_14362920160424_143637The selection of succulents was overwhelming, but I finally managed to pick several favorites. I have the feeling I will be back to this garden center, as it is the largest selection of succulents I have seen yet. 20160424_14411620160424_144124While they had many other flowers and plants, their succulent collection was their main focal point! I was incredibly excited when I saw it! 20160424_14443020160424_144439(0)20160424_155211

Once we purchased everything I needed, it was time to go back home and start the project!

What you need:

  • Succulent dirt mix (or cactus dirt mix)
  • Moss
  • Small rocks
  • Gravel (or sand)
  • Wide mouth glass containers
  • A variety of succulents with different shades and shapes



I purchased my glass containers from a dollar store for $2 a piece. You can choose any container you like. In the past I have used a tea cup!


Step 1: Fill your containers with rocks. This provides drainage, as succulents don’t like wet roots.


Step two: Fill your containers with a healthy layer of soil. Make sure you use either a special succulent mix like I did or a cactus soil mix as these soils are fast-draining that retain little moisture which is exactly what succulents need to thrive.


Third step: Start planting your succulents! I started planting from the side of the bowl to the middle. All you have to do is remove the plant from it’s pot by turning it upside down, then pull the plant from the pot, and set the roots in the bowl.You can add more dirt around the succulents if needed.

With my bowls, I preferred two larger succulents and then some smaller ones around them. However, this is where you get to be creative!


Planting succulents can be a messy job since the dirt or rocks can get in the succulents. Don’t worry about that, since later you can remove that with a bit of water later.


Fourth step: Is decorating your bowl more with gravel or again the small rocks. With one of my bowl I covered the whole top layer with gravel and the others I left patches of dirt showing through. Again, this is preference and where you can get creative! You can even purchase colored stones, sand or gravel if you want to use more color.


Fifth step: Is to add your moss to your bowls. In my opinion, I thought less was more with the moss. It does add a pretty color and more texture but can look cluttered if you add too much.


Last step: Is to marvel at what you created and begin to decide where to put your succulent creations!

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