Squamish Weekend

This weekend to celebrate our six month wedding anniversary, we decided to rent a cabin for the night in Brackendale, BC. We wanted a night away as well as the opportunity to hike and explore the area.

We stayed in cabins at the SunWolf lodge and it turned out to be the perfect place to stay at. The cabins were adorable with green shingled sides and bright green mossy roofs. The inside was just as nice with a kitchenette, queen bed and day bed and a gas fireplace. You could even hear the river since it was just a distance away from the cabins.

For brunch, we tried the restaurant in the SunWolf park called Fergies, a hidden gem among locals. I have to say that it was one of the best eggs benedict’s I have ever had. This is saying a lot, since it is always my go-to for breakfast. The one I ordered here was a special and had smoked salmon, kale and capers. The service was great and the place had a major west coast feel to it. I loved the modest rustic look of the place and the alternate/hipster crowd that swarmed to it.


We decided to explore the Cheakamus River right behind us. It was a gorgeous, rocky walk along the water. I loved everything about the SunWolf property. It had a small town feel and I loved all the forest and nature around to explore.


These were the cabins from behind. Each had their own picnic table and the larger cabins even had BBQ’s and more of a sitting area. The property also has a fire pit and hot tubs which would be nice on colder evenings.


Our next adventure was to do the Sea to Sky gondola. We were able to get our own gondola going up which was really nice and were able to marvel at a) how terrifyingly far up we were and b) how breathtaking the scenery was. The ride was smooth even though the initial climb was quite steep. We were even able to see and even hear hikers below us making the climb up instead using the gondola. It seemed like a pretty difficult hike as it was very steep at parts but we both agreed it might (might) be a fun hike to do in the future.


Once we got to the top, there was a restaurant, bar and gift shop to explore. There was also a suspension bridge that led you to the many trails you could hike. I didn’t find this bridge as scary as the Lynn Valley or Capilano suspension bridge’s but it was pretty high up and did swing a bit especially when more people were on it. Since it was a cloudy day out there wasn’t as many visitors which was nice to have everything less busy.


As you can see, there was a lot of fog in the morning so we weren’t able to see as much of the scenic views. The hiking trails were a highlight however. They felt like enchanting forests and had lots of viewpoint stops. My favorite was the view of the Chief mountain, which is a famous place to hike in the Lower Mainland.


My lumberjack/hipster taking his artsy pictures.


We also found patches of snow along the trails!


After a scarier ride back down on the gondola (it decided to speed up at parts and at one point completely stop!), we were on the road again to go a bit north towards Whistler to see Brandywine Falls.


The falls were as gorgeous as claimed. The scenery around the falls was equally as nice! We enjoyed a hike past the look out section off the main path and found even better viewing sites than the designated ones!


After our hiking we enjoyed ciders and beers. Carson had a burger, which as you can see, he rather enjoyed.


The drive back home was beautiful as well. I never get sick of the drive! This trip may just be one of my favorite weekends yet. I can’t wait to go back up to the mountains again soon!

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