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We decided to join the crowds and line up to get into an world famous upscale bakery called Maison du Laduree. It feels like a little piece of Paris in the middle of downtown Vancouver. They are mostly known for their french macarons in a number of different flavors.


When the store first opened a few weeks ago, there was over a two hour wait. It is the first boutique in Canada. However, we fortunately did not have to wait nearly that long. It was actually a nice wait, since when you waited inside the store, there were beautiful things to see. From the marble and sage (jade?) green entry, to the brightly lit pastel world of sugary treats and ornate decoration. Aside from food, there were other products like perfume, tea canisters and scented candles.


We decided to sit down to eat in their gorgeous tea salon. Everything is decorated beautifully. We decided to order a few of their seventeen flavors of macarons such as; salted caramel, vanilla, praline, rose petal, cherry blossom, and lemon. Our favorite was either the salted caramel or the lemon. Despite all the hype, they were delicious! We also ordered tea to have as we nibbled on our macarons. Everything was displayed splendidly. I adored their pastel tea cups and saucers.

I also loved the little touches like the boxes the macarons come in and the sage green bags.

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Even though the wait is long and the macarons are pretty pricey, it is completely worth it for the experience. For the time you are in the store, it’s not a stretch to imagine that you are in Paris. While three dollars for macarons may be expensive, it sure beats a plane ticket!

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