Jasper & Nora

We couldn’t help but keep these adorable abandoned kittens that we found.

We have never really been cat people. Growing up, we have both had our share of household cats. However, we both never really grew attached to them for whatever reason. We were always dog people.

We actually were looking into adopting a puppy at the same time we found these kittens. It was always my dream to have a West Highland Terrier puppy. It was Carson’s dream to surprise me with one. So when we moved into a home, we thought it would finally be a good time to make that dream into a reality.

However, these two crazy kitties had other plans. Plans to sneak into our lives.


I found these kittens abandoned in the country. They were dirty, hungry and cold, all huddled underneath a BBQ. The homeowners didn’t want them and they told us that some of their brothers and sisters had actually been taken off by coyotes recently. With the cold weather soon to come, we knew that if these kittens stayed there that they wouldn’t too much time to live.

We cuddled these two guys for a while. They seemed so happy to be warmer and have some human affection. I was so conflicted because I knew Carson wouldn’t be happy to have cats but I also knew my heart would break if I left them there.

I knew I had to take them. Even if we did just take them to the animal shelter. I couldn’t let them suffer and die there. So I took them home to give them a much needed bath. We also got some cat supplies for them.

When Carson came home I was incredibly nervous. I went up to him and said “I’ve done something very bad.” He started to look worried. I continued, “I brought something home.” Somehow he guessed right away. “No… you didn’t…you brought home a cat!?” Uh oh I thought. I brought home TWO!  I quickly explained how we didn’t have to keep them but how I had saved them. He seemed reassured I didn’t go totally crazy and accepted the idea that we would keep them for a tiny bit until they got new homes. Jokes on us haha.

When I showed them to him they were both curled up beside each other in a basket. Even he had to admit they were adorable.

Weeks went by, and we never did get rid of them. Soon Carson even admitted that he liked them too. That’s when they officially became part of our family. They are the most cuddly, crazy kittens I have ever seen. We like to think they have dog personalities.


The more white cat is the male. I named him Jasper. He is the more laid back of the two. He loves to cuddle, especially in the morning. He also loves to eat. We lovingly call him Fatso. He has always been the biggest. Sometimes even twice as big. He also likes to talk to you. Every time he firsts sees you he does a little ‘Coo’ and runs towards you. He also knows his name. At least in a high pitched voice. It amuses Carson because even if Jasper is upstairs, I call him and he will come down to me.

The more grey cat is the female. I named her Nora. She is a bit crazy, but in a good way. She is very playful and will play with just about anything. Shoe laces, bottles caps, tin foil, plastic bags, etc etc etc, the list goes on. She is also very needy and loves to cuddle. Her favorite position is on her back when we cuddle her like a baby. Most cats don’t like that, but she loved it even as a kitten.

Here are recent shots of them today, many months later:


Those last two pictures really sum up their different personalities. Jasper and Nora are now part of our lives for better or worst!

Until next time!

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