Our Second Year

Carson and I just celebrated our second anniversary together. We decided to do a repeat of last year and answer some questions reflecting our second year as a married couple.

Just like last year, our little brother Jason was able to visit us and take some photo’s of us for our second anniversary. We went to my favorite apple orchard close by. Go and check out his photography at jasonenstedt.com He does amazing work and we are so happy he is able to take photo’s of us each year!

I find these questions are such a nice thing to do, as you reflect on the past year by answering them. As a couple, it makes us take time to sit down and remember or appreciate different things together. It also showed us how much life has changed in just a year!


What is your favorite memory from this year?

Chelsy: Our family day together in Stanley Park and then surprising my parents with a 25th anniversary celebration. We did it months early so that we could all be celebrating together before we moved. So it really was a surprise!

Carson: Chelsy’s brothers wedding. Such a beautiful day, one which I was honored to be a groomsman for, and Chelsy a bridesmaid. It was amazing seeing them so happy.


What have you learned about the other person this year?

Carson: That Chelsy is a crazy cat lady. She always said how much she loved dogs but these new kittens of ours have changed her, for better or for worse!

Chelsy: How much of a country boy Carson is. I’ve learned a lot about Carson now that we are living where he grew up. Every time we take a drive, I usually get a whole history on the area and stories of him growing up. It’s been nice to experience all of that, as well as get to know his family and friends even better.


What quirky thing do you love most about the other person?

Chelsy: How he always hugs me tight at night and says a silly rhyme that I love. It started years ago and seriously, we do it every night. It’s silly and I love it.

Carson: That she never knows lyrics to songs and has a very funny way of trying to sing along but ends up butchering it. In a really, really cute way of course. Always makes me laugh.


What has been the best adventure this year?

Carson: The road trip. Just us, the road, and a lot of time to listen to music and podcasts. Chelsy also got pretty good with the camera I got her.

Chelsy: Again, our road trip! It was an adventure of a lifetime. Plus moving across the country. That was a pretty big adventure too.


What has brought us closer together this year?

Chelsy: Working together through the hard times. It wasn’t easy to move across the country and to leave my family and friends. However, Carson was very patient and understanding which helped immensely. He also made a lot of sacrifices for me. The first being that he made it so I was able to work part time. This was a huge gift to me as it enabled me to do more service and more around the house. The second sacrifice was that he allowed us to keep the kittens. He is not a cat person, however he saw how much I wanted them and how happy they made me so he forgot about his own feelings on cats and embraced them wholeheartedly. To know he did that just because it made me happy, really made me love him even more.

Carson: Her supporting my desire for us to move to Ontario was incredible for me. To know I had her support with that huge decision made everything a lot easier. I know how much she still misses her family but she doesn’t allow that to dampen the mood at home here.


Favorite thing to do together?

Carson: She may not share my enthusiasm for hockey, but when she “watches it” with me and asks questions about the game, hard not to love those moments.

Chelsy: I still love to cook together! It’s my favorite to plan a fancy menu together, then to go shopping for the ingredients and then to go home and cook it. Our winning meal this year was our steak, lobster, prawn and asparagus meal. (Basically the fanciest things we could think of to make.) Not only was it delicious but it was also a really special meal together. We have also loved going to the cottage together. It is a very relaxing and peaceful place to spend time at.


What do you want a year from now?

Carson: A new car. The Fiat really sticks out like a sore thumb in the country.

Chelsy: A fully decorated home and to accomplish, at least some, of the many projects I have on my to-do list. Mostly, I just want a nice dinning room table.

Side note: We pretty much both got our wishes from last year. Carson now has both a front and back lawn, and while I didn’t get a puppy, I did get two kittens!


What made you laugh at the hardest this year?

Chelsy: I think I laughed at our kittens the most this year. They were (and are) so playful that we spent hours watching them wrestle each other to the ground or dart around chasing string or paper. They really do provide us an endless amount of entertainment.

Carson: Our indoor cat UFC is really quite enjoyable. Also when they think they can jump somewhere but they don’t, its like watching all those cat videos on YouTube but in real life.


Three words to describe this year?

Chelsy: Change. Adventure. Kittens.

Carson: Adventure. Love. Hockey.


Trips we went on:

  • Whistler
  • Our cross-country road trip
  • Montreal

Favorite meals to make:

  • Surf and turf
  • Tacos
  • Butter Chicken

Shows we watched:

  • This Is Us
  • Gilmore Girls (yes, again)
  • Every Marvel show out there

Favorite things to do together:

  • Being cozy watching a show or a movie
  • Cooking something fun
  • Service
  • Playing hockey for Carson and me watching
  • Going to the cottage by the lake
  • Entertaining guests staying with us

It’s true what they say, a marriage that is built on friendship, love, honesty, and kindness can get through anything. No matter what life has thrown at us, I am very grateful we have each other.

This pretty much sums up our second year together. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

Until next time!

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  1. I can’t express how much I love this!💕

    You are the cutest couple. Even though we miss you both you are meant to be where you are and we are thrilled you are both growing together in love!!❤️🐱🐱

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