Road Trip Day Three & Four: The Prairies

This part of the road trip was long..and flat. We spent the time chatting, listening to podcasts, laughing to comedians, and on the look out for anything to see besides the vast land and sky.

We drove approximately 15 hours in the span of two days. First, going from Calgary, Alberta to Weyburn, Saskatchewan and then the next day all the way to Fargo, North Dakota.

I’m not going to lie to you, it was brutal. I can appreciate the beauty of the prairies, but only for so long. Then the hours seem to drag by and you have to keep yourself entertained by something other than the scenery.

We did that by listening to interesting podcasts. Our favorite was one on the history of beer. We also had a lot of comedian’s acts downloaded to listen to. This kept us entertained for hours and kept our spirits up.


One stop that we found was cool in Saskatchewan was the city where Corner Gas was filmed. Unfortunately, the gas station set that they built for the show had burned down just a few months prior, but there was still the grain elevator across the road with the name “Dog River” painted on it.


One funny moment we had on this drive was that I could never get a good photo of a cow. I was always looking for something interesting to photograph, and so I had it in my mind that I wanted a close up photo of a cow. However, even cows to look at were rare, so we were always on the lookout. After hours of driving, we finally saw a whole bunch of cows close to the road. Carson quickly pulled over and I jumped out and skipped down the hill with my camera in hand. Just as I approached, they all moooooo-ed (almost as a warning to each other) and they all quickly got as far away from me as I could. So I never did get a good photo of a cow.


Here they are running away from me as fast as they can. Stupid cows.


Then they just looked at me all smug like. I could hear Carson was laughing at me from the car.


One highlight of the prairies were the sunsets. They were beautiful.

After hours and hours of driving we arrived to our Airbnb in Fargo, North Dakota. We were tired but excited since we knew that the next day we would be exploring Chicago!

Until next time!

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