Abbotsford Tulip Festival

It’s finally Spring – Hooray! We decided to celebrate this beautiful weather by going to the tulip festival, because what’s better then being outside surrounded by your favorite flowers?

A few tips if you go, is to go on a weekday as it is far less busy and also don’t forget to bring your wellies! Even though the weather is nice, it is a working farm so there is lots of mud. We were not as prepared and our shoes got covered with mud. But a little mud is worth the beauty of the fields!


Ah, happiness in the tulips. I adorable tulips. I love the bright happy colors and that they symbolize the start of warmer weather. I currently have a few in a mason jar on the table. They just make everything happy!


We also brought a small picnic with us and found a spot to relax among the tulips. There were a few covered picnic areas, however we found a dry spot by a bench. So we had sandwiches and peach tea.


We also took some time to take selfies! I am sure this place is one of the most popular places to take Instagram photo’s in the Lower Mainland. And there’s a reason why as the colorful flowers are a perfect backdrop to any selfie.


So if you have a chance to tiptoe through the tulips I would whole-heartily recommend it! (You can also swirl and sing if you prefer like Jason is above haha!)

Until next time!

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