Coffee Break

This weekend we decided to take a break from the all rain and go to 49th Parallel & Lucky Doughnuts. It’s popular for their trendy decor, unique doughnuts and delicious lattes served in teal blue mugs.

Especially since we just had a cold dreary day in service, we were very excited to sit down to relax and enjoy a hot coffee and treat. They had fast and friendly service and we loved the cozy seating.


The doughnuts we chose were coconut cream, caramel brulée, and pistachio. Our favorite was the pistachio! I admit it wasn’t the prettiest doughnut but it was delicious.


The place was packed, and for good reason. The coffee was great and the they had a wide variety of doughnuts to pick from. You could also tell that the doughnuts were fresh and hadn’t been sitting out for too long. The price was also reasonable, especially since they had a $5 coffee and doughnut special.

We decided to sit out in their heated outdoor glass patio. It’s the perfect place to sit down and people watch! The surrounding area has great shopping so there are always lots of people walking around.


Their latte was superb. The espresso was strong and smooth, just the way I like it. The milk was also perfectly steamed and there wasn’t too much foam. From what I could tell just by looking around, it looked like the baristas made different pretty designs in each cup. I thought the heart design in mine was pretty.


(Isn’t he cute! Practically a GQ model)


(That’s him laughing when I told him that haha)


49th Parallel will definitely be a new favorite. It offers a triple threat; great coffee, yummy doughnuts and a great ambiance.

Until next time!

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