Happiness Project

If I am ever in a bad mood, feel anxious or just had a bad day I try to let go of those feeling by doing a few things that seems to always help me be happy.

These are my top things that help me to have a positive mindset!

Declutter and Clean 

20160417_151340-1I love to organize. I find having a clean and pleasing home is incredibly helpful to me as I find I am someone who is affected by my surroundings. When the house is clean I feel much less anxious as I feel like by organizing my surroundings I also organize my thoughts. It’s scientifically proven that clutter can cause stress while order can create a haven from it. Little things also help like making your bed every day, food prepping for the week, or picking your outfit for the day ahead of time.

Have fun in the kitchen


One way I relax is to cook or bake. This may not work for everyone, but I find that getting creative in the kitchen as you listen to music and dance around is something that relaxes me and makes me happy! I don’t look at it like a chore but a hobby. It’s fun either trying new recipes or perfecting old ones. You also get to ensure the ingredients in the foods you are making which helps in your overall health and well being.

Have happy things surround you

20160711_142951-1This can mean lots of different things. For me, it means to have things that I love on display. Personally I adore quirky mugs, plates and houseware items. Every time I glace at my anthropologie bowls or animal mugs I instantly get happy from them as they are bright, colorful and something I find special. Different sentimental things are nice to display as well. Letters from loved ones, photographs, or souvenirs can bring back positive memories that you have had and can remind you of those happy moments. One example is that I have polaroids from fun moments in the past several years on our fridge. These pictures remind us of fun moments, close friends and special events that happened in our life.20160827_113338

This is my favorite breakfast plate and mug! It makes the daily actively of eating breakfast that much happier.

Treat yourself

IMG_20170106_182439_688-2 (1)Sometimes, even without realizing it, we find that we rarely take time to do something nice for ourselves. So buy that eye shadow you have been eyeing at Sephora for years. Or get a nice bottle of wine on a Wednesday to have with dinner. Or even just sit down and forget about chores for a second and paint your nails. Do something just for YOU! You’ll find your mood lift and feel like you can tackle the chores of the day after.

Destress and light a candle

20160711_143704 (1)If I have had a particularly hectic and stressful day I love to get cozy on the couch with a blanket and slippers and a cup of tea in hand and light a candle. It gives you time to stop and relax and forget about the trials of the day. I love Bath and Body Works candles as they have so many different scents. My favorites are Fall, Mahogany teak wood and anything pumpkin. Another favorite I got recently is a firewood candle from Winners that even has a wooden wick that crackles as it burns.

Listen to Music and go for a walk

20151021_142007As most people know, exercise helps with your mood. I find it helps to get outside and go for a walk to clear my head. Even if it’s just twenty minutes, after I come back from the walk I feel much better. It also helps to go for a walk in a nice area. We have either the pier to choose from or a pretty park up the hill that’s just a short distance away. What also helps is listening to music. I have a happy playlist created so that whenever I need a boost I play those songs and usually it get’s me singing out loud or dancing a bit.

Buy flowers 

tulipWho doesn’t get happy with fresh flowers? My favorite flowers are tulips as they are inexpensive and add a bright pop of color! I also have fresh herbs, succulents and a bonsai tree in our apartment. Bringing flowers and plants inside add a fresh feel to your space and instantly add to your happiness.

Plan for the future

20160522_082924Even though sometimes thinking about the future can be stressful and uncertain, I like to think of positive plans or adventures that will happen. I love planning for trips and even if the trip doesn’t actually happen, it’s just nice to thing ahead and realize what wonderful things can happen. Life changes in an instant so even if your day, week or even month seems awful it’s nice to remember that things always change. Sometimes more than you can even imagine. I also like to think ahead to a perfect world and dream of a tree house on the beach, our elephant named Theo, and jumping off of waterfalls.

thumbnail_20160423_123926Remember you can’t think a negative thought at the same time you are thinking a positive thought. So keep thinking positive thoughts and doing little things to help staying happy!

Appreciate the little things; the smell of fresh laundry, your first cup of coffee in the morning, a new notebook, the sunrise as you wake up to go to work, your friends laugh, a puppy down the street, the smell of rain, waking up and realizing it’s Saturday, or curling up in a blanket.

20160521_190747Sometimes we seem to ignore the wonderful small joys in life but we need to stop and appreciate all of them. Just smile and enjoy the moment.

Until next time!

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