Date Night In

Tonight I decided it would be fun to have a cozy date night in with Carson and bake and decorate some snowflake sugar cookies and build a blanket fort- complete with twinkle lights and a movie!

Since it is currently winter break, I have some time off work. This has been lovely and has allowed me to relax a bit and do the extra little things I seem to never have time for. We have made a winter bucket list. Two of the many items on this list, is to bake sugar cookies and build a blanket fort. So for our date night, we decided to do those both!


For the sugar cookies, I used a very basic sugar cookie recipe. When we were making them, all I could think about is how when I was a kid and baked sugar cookies with my Mom and Grandma. It made me feel very nostalgic. It was always such a happy activity to do when we were growing up.


But as I am no longer a child, I had wine as I baked these cookies haha. Somethings are nice about being an adult.


Then I rolled out the dough with my new rolling pin! I got it from Anthropologie. Even though that store is often very pricey, I find if you look in their sale section they have lots of homeware on sale and even often have 20 or 30% off the sale price. This rolling pin was a fraction of the original price and in my opinion adorable! I also seem to have a blue/green theme with my bakeware so this piece fits right in.


I then used a snowflake cookie cutter to cut out the cookies. This was a very delicate process.


Once they were cool, this is where we got crazy with decorating! We got icing and sprinkles everywhere and it was completely worth it. I forgot how fun it was to decorate cookies. We weren’t fantastic at it, but it wasn’t really our aim to be perfect. It was just fun to do it together.


The finished product!


As aforementioned, our blanket fort! Made with sheets and twinkle lights.

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We finished the night by eating sugar cookies and watching a movie in our cozy blanket fort. It was a perfect, affordable date night in! Our favorites.

Until next time!

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