Our First Year

Carson and I just celebrated our first year of marriage together. My little brother Jason was able to take some photo’s of us at Garry Point for our first anniversary. Also, for this blog we also decided it would be fun to both answer some questions reflecting on our first year as a married couple.

We both took turns writing the answers to the questions below. It was fun to see how we both answered. It will be even more fun to come back years from now and reflect to see how things change or stay the same.


What do you like most about being married?

Carson: Companionship with your best friend can’t be beat by anything…actually, the chocolate chip cookies she makes for me are the winner.

Chelsy: Always having each other close; when we wake up, come back from work and go to sleep. Plus it’s fun to have someone always game to go on adventures with you, or on the other side, just be lazy and chill out at home.


What surprised you most about marriage?

Chelsy: How much dishes and laundry add up! It doesn’t help that we don’t have a dish washer or washer and dryer so those chores seem twice as hard as they did before. On the cheesy end of things, it surprised me how fast it seems totally normal to be married and how it seemed like we had been married for years when in reality it was months. It was just so easy to be together and be so completely happy.

Carson: I second the dishes comment. But in all seriousness, the fact that we didnt’t lose  the fun and exciting feelings that you get when falling in love with someone for the first time.


Whats a quirky thing you love most about each other?

Carson: Her obsession with blankets and straws. She’ll always have one or the other no matter what at any given time.

Chelsy: That when he wakes up his hair is all crazy and he looks like the Wolverine. When he genuinely smiles or laughs his eyes get all crinkly. That he gives big hugs that will crack my back. That he will watch Youtube video’s with me or binge watch Gilmore Girls and actually enjoy it.


What has been the best adventure this year?

Carson: Exploring Portland for sure. If there was a place that was made for weird people like us, it’s Portland. 

Chelsy: I loved going to Portland together. It was the best trip I have ever been on. First off, I had been dying to go to Portland for years. Plus it was just such a spontaneous crazy adventure. We didn’t completely have a plan, slept in our tiny Fiat (which worked way better than expected- with the seats down and an air mattress squeezed in it was actually very comfy) and drove all through beautiful country highways. It was so fun to do something adventurous like that together and enjoy how beautiful Oregon is.


When did you laugh the hardest this year?

Carson: Popping a champagne bottle cork with such accuracy that it ricocheted off a wall and smoked Chelsy in the head. 10 marks for Execution and Delivery.

Chelsy: When I hugged him tight and he farted. Still makes me laugh to this day haha.


Favorite thing to do together?

Carson: Netflix and Sushi. Can’t beat that combination. 

Chelsy: Building blanket forts. Eating sushi. Going for walks. Cooking together. Really I have many favorites, but I do have to say the most fun we have together is when we cook a nice dinner and build a blanket fort in our living room. We are pretty much pro’s at it now. Twinkle lights and everything. I just love being happy and silly together.


What has brought you closer together this year?

Carson: Not letting the negativity that people or the world can bring into your life make home a negative place. Home is our happy place and we tried to keep it that way. 

Chelsy: Being able to handle the challenges we faced. When things sucked we made sure not to be upset at each other but just the situation and we were still able to find happiness in little things and each other.


What do you want a year from now?

Carson: A back/front lawn. Either will do. I just really miss using a lawnmower.

Chelsy: A puppy. A Westie puppy named Quincy.


Sillest thing the other person has done this year?

Carson: She put an icing container on the stove element while it was on, long enough for it to melt through. Looked kinda cool, but quite silly nonetheless. 

Chelsy: When Carson decided to bake a pizza late at night but forgot and went to bed. We awoke to a strange smell in the morning and went to find the oven still on and the pizza now unrecognizable as a black burnt blob. No fire thankfully!


What three words best describe this year?

Carson: Happiness. Perseverence. Memes.

Chelsy: Love. Beautiful. Mess.

Trips we went on:

  • Portland
  • Whistler
  • Calgary x2
  • Seattle

Favourite meals to make:

  • Butter chicken
  • Fish tacos
  • Homemade pizza

Shows we watched:

  • Office
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Friends

This pretty much sums up our first year together. It’ll be hard to top it, but I think it’s challenge accepted!

Until next time!

  • C & C


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  1. Awesome read! You are wonderful examples of a true Christian marriage/friendship. I hope to find that someday. ❤

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