Pumpkin Patch

As my favorite season is Fall, I knew I had to go to a Pumpkin Patch this year. We decided to go to a cute family owned farm called Taves Farm in Abbotsford. They’re known for their abundance of pumpkins, apple picking, corn maze, petting zoo, and more. We picked a perfect Fall day to go- In Vancouver that basically means no rain!


The first attraction we went to was the Jumping Pillow they had. Basically just an inflated bouncing balloon that you could jump on. We got there before all the children so we could jump to our delight before they needed a turn!


We then went on the hay ride that would take us to the pumpkin patch (really the highlight!) The ride took us through the apple orchards and past all of the animals.


The pumpkin patch!


All of the pumpkins! Oh the dreams I had- soup, pies, stews and more!


After we found our pumpkin, we decided to walk back through the apples trees to get back to the other attractions. It was a bit muddy- but worth it.


We even saw some beautiful sun flowers among some corn.


Getting back to the farm, we looked at all the different kinds of gourds- they had a lot.


(Look it Mater from Cars!)


We then checked out the petting zoo. There were Llamas, little adorable goats, bunnies, turkeys, and peacocks.


This was the cutest little baby goat. I loved him.


A little walk away was were they had the pumpkin slingshot and cannon, the corn maze, pony rides, and lots of playgrounds.


This cannon was the best. They put pumpkins in this massive cannons and you shoot them across the yard. It was actually very loud!


We then spent all of ten minutes getting lost in the corn maze just to end up back at the entrance, haha. So we decided to leave it to the children who were doing fabulously at it.


We then checked out the Country Kitchen which was very rustic and adorable. They even had apple cider which was one of my favorite treats as a child. My Mom would always buy it when we went apple picking or at the little country grocery stores near our place in Ontario. It had been years since I had some, and their cider was just as good as I remembered.


(the aforementioned apple cider!)


We also took several Polaroids of our adventure which I now have displayed in our house. It was the ideal Fall day and I finally got to go to the pumpkin patch!

Until next time!

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