Home Sweet Home

Carson and I have lived in New West for close to nine months now. It’s taken some time, but we have almost finished decorating and setting up our first apartment together. Keep reading for an apartment tour!

I decided I wanted to document our first apartment together for our own personal memories but thought to blog it as well since I know I’m guilty of the desire to snoop into other people’s homes. That’s why home tours are so fun!

First off is our front door and the kitty print I have hung up on it. I found this painting at Value Village for $5. It’s so weird and funny and has suddenly became one of my favorite things in our apartment. It makes me laugh every time I pass it.


My Mom got us a letter organizer to put near our front door. I find it so handy to store all our mail.


Right to the right of our front door is our bathroom. It seems like I’m going for a bit of a nautical theme with the bathroom. I love the whale and anchor prints I have in there. The color themes are light blue, grey and white.

When we first toured this apartment, the whole bathroom was pink. And I mean everything- tub, sink, toilet, walls and tile! Ew! Fortunately before we moved in the landlord renovated the bathroom so that everything is new and bright!


In our hallway, I have a shoe organizer and mirror to help us get ready and keep organized! The mirror also helps make the space look larger.


There’s also a decent amount of storage in this apartment. The left side of the closet is for cleaning supplies and extra folding chairs. The right side is full of towels, linens and some pantry items.


The directly in front of the front door is our bedroom. This room is still a work in progress, but for now it works!


To the left we have our laundry hamper (which seems to always be full! We hate not having a washer or dryer right in our apartment. We either have to use the machines in our apartment that is more convenient, but very pricey, or go to my parents.) We also have an Ikea dresser that we share. I also like the small Ikea shelves for pictures. In our bedroom I have some pictures I painted and then there’s also an Audrey Hepburn print and a vinyl record album art cover framed.


I also have this little storage box. I found this box in a neat little store when I was young and have displayed in every room I’ve had. It’s perfect to keep earrings and other tiny things.


For our bed, all of our linens are different shades of grey. Everything here is also all Ikea furniture. I am hoping to replace it soon, but as we are on a newlywed budget right now it can wait. We were fortunate to get most of our furniture from family and friends moving!


Beside my side of the bed, I have a box filled with our letters when we were dating. I also have an old fashioned phone (that does work!) and a coaster for glasses of water.


In an alcove beside the closet, I have my makeup table. Carson built the table as well as set up the lights and mirror. I love having a spot that I can get ready at! It makes everything so much nicer and more organized!


I painted a quote for this space as well.  I’m hoping to keep switching it up which different paintings I do. And hopefully the improve each time as I am just learning how to paint with watercolors.


I found this cork board at Winners and thought it would be perfect to hang my statement necklaces on it. I think it looks rather pretty plus it keeps them tangle free.


We also put two shelves from Ikea up for all my nail polishes and products. It’s helped keep my counter space clear and you can see everything better!


Onto the kitchen! Here you can see some of our view. We get a view of the water, bridge and even Mount Baker! We also unfortunately get a view of all the construction across the street. The building will most likely block a lot of our view, but we aren’t planning to stay here forever so we are just happy we got such a nice view for most of the time we were here! It’s an especially gorgeous view in the morning with the sunrise and in the evening with all of the city lights.


For our fridge, I decided to decorate it with the Polaroids we have taken over the last few months. At first there were just a few pictures, but now they almost cover the whole fridge! It makes me happy looking at all of the pictures and memories every day.


Our kitchen cupboards are rather neat as they are vintage and all metal. It’s a very 1950’s look which I feel adds a cool touch!


Carson got me a personalized cutting board as a gift before we were married and now I have it displayed over the sink along with dish soap, oil and honey.


The downside about older apartments is no dishwasher. Currently I just have a bowl and spoon from lunch, but usually dishes seem to add up so fast! I can’t wait to have an apartment with a dish washer, but for now we will live!


My coffee area! Here I have my Keurig as well as some of my favorite mugs- my Royal Doulton bright color mugs and also my silly animal mugs. I love collecting mugs and also small quirky plates. I have a whole collection in the cupboards.


I love the cow mug especially. It just makes me smile every time! It’s funny how a silly mug can make me happy but it truly does.


For extra storage I have the Ikea storage unit beside the kitchen where I keep a lot of glassware and other kitchen items.


One of our wedding gifts was this Star Wars toaster. We find it so cool! It even toasts the bread with the Star Wars symbol.


The first item I bought for our apartment was this mixing bowl! I adore the color!


Keeping with that color haha, I also have a baking cart beside our oven. Here I keep all of my dry baking ingredients as well as baking liners, measuring spoons and my mixer.


We got our dining room table from a friend and the chairs are antique teak chairs from my Grandparents.


In our living room, we also have a cabinet from my Great Aunt and here is where we keep our liquor tray (really not impressive) and our record player. I also have our records displayed on the wall for decor, plus it’s handy to quickly see what records we have and which one we want to play. There are many behind each one. Our collection is starting to grow slowly!


The chalkboard I actually created for decor at our wedding. Now it’s for all our friends to sign when they come over.


The living room is one of my favorite parts of our apartment. We love our couch as it fits a lot of people and is even a pull out couch which is perfect for guests or if we want to watch TV in extreme comfort! Which we do, quite often actually- why not!

The coffee table is a DIY project that we did together. The base is from Ikea and then we simply nailed in stained pieces of wood on top. I love the rustic feel of it.

I also love the large mirror we got custom done for us as it adds so much light to the room and makes it look bigger than it already is.


Here you can also see our statement wall. We filled it with a mix of quirky photo’s and nice wedding pictures that are all black and white.


On the wall opposite of the couch is we have our TV. On top in the baskets we have all of our DVD’s. Since we don’t watch DVD’s as often we don’t mind them being up high.

The clock we got on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond. I adore this clock. I think its such a cool over sized industrial clock. It fits the New West vibe pretty well and is certainly a statement.


On our coffee table we have one of the the succulents I did a while back (they’re still doing good!), coasters and usually a candle or two burning.


I also have one of the other succulents in a small alcove on the statement wall. The one succulent is growing like crazy and is completely out of the bowl!


Here is where I usually blog. With my laptop, a blanket and usually a cup of tea! It’s a pretty perfect way to spend an evening after work.


Hope you enjoyed taking a look into our place! Expect some DIY projects soon as I have a few projects I want to do around the house.

Until next time!

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