Raspberry Picking

Yesterday we went to Krause Berry Farms in Langley. It’s raspberry season so we decided to go pick our own! It’s an amazing farm with lots of fresh baked goods, a market and even a winery!



Carson got a fresh raspberry smoothie that he said was delicious and I got a latte that was pretty darn good as well.


The farm also had an adorable market full with baking decor, rustic signs and homemade baked goods. We decided to get some of their fudge, for ourselves and to bring to our families place after.


They had an area to purchase already picked berries and even had fresh vegetables from their farm.


Outside in the sitting area they had a live folk bank from the east coast called the Seabilys. They brought an awesome atmosphere to the place. We really liked the girl on the fiddle.


For breakfast, we decided to have their famous berry waffles. There were even wildflowers on every table which I thought was a pretty touch!



Once we had finished exploring everything, we went to the fields to start picking berries! They had both raspberries and blueberries in season, but we decided that for today we would stick to raspberries as they are our favorite. I also have it in mind to make some homemade raspberry jam!


We love berry picking! It’s so fun to search for perfect ripe berries, and eat some (aka LOTS!) along the way.


This farm is now my favorite place to pick berries! Now I get to have the fun of making home made jam and pies- hopefully they turn out!

Until next time!

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3 thoughts on “Raspberry Picking

  1. Aren’t you ever the country bumkins…..how did your jam turn out….or did you eat them all before they became jam?

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