Vancouver Aquarium

Since one of my favorite animals are stingrays, we decided to go to the Vancouver Aquarium and check out their new Discover Rays exhibit. It has a touch pool where you get to pet and play with the stingrays. My dream come true! We also loved seeing all the other animals they have.

It was also a beautiful day out so it was nice to get out and enjoy the weather.


The stingrays! They were so cute and playful. This was the first thing we did and certainly was the highlight. They sometimes come right up to you and you are able to touch their backs as they glide through the water.


There were also hundreds of jelly fish that we got to look at. They are pretty mesmerizing creatures to watch.


The Aquarium also had a rain forest section with birds, monkeys and turtles!


Another stingray! This guy was big!


There is also an outdoor section to the aquarium. It was crazy hot when we went. This is where you can see the otters, whales, dolphins, and penguins.


We also watched one of their shows staring the dolphins!


Since we were already in Vancouver we decided to go downtown and meet our friends for dinner. It was so nice to be outside and walk along the water.


We then ended the night by going to our friends roof top to have drinks and watch the sunset. It was a perfect evening.


Until next time!

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